Earn Money With Discord

Want to earn money with Discord? You can use our 10-1.Me BOT to monetize your server!


How does it work?

Put simply, when you invite the 10-1.Me BOT into your server, you will be able to set up an advertising channel. This channel will then receive advertisements when it's active. Every time an ad shows, you will get paid! It's that easy. 


Bot Setup

To get started, you will need to first invite the bot to your server. Click here to do so.
Next, you will need to set up your email with the bot. Go to any text channel and type in the command /email and then enter your email. Please, ensure that the email you use is the same email you use on your 10-1.Me account.
After that, all you have to do is type in the /ad-channel command, and pick a channel to show ads in.
You are done! Ads will begin to show.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I make? - Each advertisement is a little different. Some ads, like the default ones, will not result in a $ reward if not clicked on. Other ads will typically pay up to $0.05 per ad that shows. You also will earn more if users click on the ad.
An ad just showed, where is my money? - The ad revenue will be put into your account. Typically, ad revenue is added within the first hour of showing but can take up to business days to verify.
Can't I just delete the ads? - No! It is against our rules to delete ads, and if a server is found to be deleting ads, they will be banned from 10-1.Me, and can also lose the earnings related to the ads shown. 
How do I make more money? - Invite more members, be more active on your server, and share the word. The more people who know about this service, the more advertisers we get, and the more ads we can show on your server(s).
Do I get a referring bonus? - Yes and No. The referral bonus is done automatically, although not all ads through discord will go towards referral bonuses.
Are there other places I can place ads? - YES! Contact us and tell us about your ideas. We can commission you even more for empty ad spaces you have.
Where is support? - You can DM the bot for direct support with the bot, alternatively you can join the TRP server here.
Can I advertise my Discord Server? - Yes, yes you can! For $10, you will get 1,000 ads to play across discord servers.